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Everyone loves cocktails. Who can resist the cold, crisp taste of a cosmo on a Friday night? But do you ever wish you could skip all that mixing, shaking and stirring, and go straight to the drinking? Well now you can. 

 Here at The Cotswold Cocktail Co. we create your favourite cocktails in a bottle, from local fruits and ingredients. All you have to do is pop open the cap. From fruity mango margaritas to tangy apple martinis, we’ve got a great selection of cocktails perfect for every palette. Not sure which flavours you’ll like best? Why not create your own 24 pack and fall in love with them all!

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About Us

We created the Cotswold Cocktail Co. during the height of lockdown, when people were stuck at home, unable to visit their favourite bars and restaurants. As professional bartenders, we felt it was our civic duty to help those crying out for a cosmo and in desperate need of a daquiri.

At first, we hand delivered our cocktails and were surprised at just how much demand there was for great tasting cocktails. So we quickly decided to create our own line of drinks, and after much experimenting and drinking in the name of research, we found our first five cocktail flavours.

All of our bottled cocktails that we sell are created with our own production unit here in the Cotswolds. From the pasteurisation to the gritting, every stage of production is completed in house. We’re passionate about the taste and quality of our cocktails which is why we only use locally sourced fruits and ingredients.

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If you would like more information about cocktail home delivery, or you are a bar, bistro or pub that would like to stock The Cotswold Cocktail Co., please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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